AEMC 1050 Digital/Analog Megohmmeter, 1000V Max Test Voltage

AIN 2130.01

The AEMC 1050 (2130.01) Digital/Analog Megohmmeter is a 1000V Digital/Analog Insulation Tester. It is designed to facilitate testing by incorporating automatic measurement features and user friendly functions. The True Megohmmeter Model 1050 provides test voltage combinations of 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V and 1000V. Measurements are displayed on a large dual-display LCD with bargraph for quick viewing of changes or trends.

The Model 1050 automatically provides the DAR and PI ratios directly on the display. User defined PI time intervals may also be programmed. The user may even select DAR or PI functions before the test, and the megohmmeter will stop at the appropriate time and display the results. An automatic test inhibitor prevents testing on live circuits above 25V and discharge test voltage may be displayed.

A memory feature permits storage, recalling and displaying of resistance values taken at user specified intervals during a test.

GroupMegohmmeters/Ground Resistance Testers/Insulation Testers
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