Amprobe AT-2005 Wire Tracer

AIN 39110006

The Amprobe AT-2005-A Advanced Wire Tracer traces live wires buried or hidden behind walls up to 13 feet (4m) thick without interrupting power.

The AT2005A wire tracer includes a battery booster which strengthens signal for open tracing. The AT-2005-A is used for quickly locating breakers, broken wires, neutrals, grounds, shorts and pinpointing ground faults. Includes R2000, S2600-A, T2200, A2201, B2024, B2025.

Product Features:
*Detects and traces wires buried in walls and floors, up to 13 feet (4m) deep, as well as in plastic conduit, cable shields and computer cables
*Traces energized wires and locates breakers without interrupting power
*Traces de-energized wires and pinpoints shorts, opens, and ground faults
*Comes with a battery booster to strengthen the signal for more accurate open tracing
*Includes a clamp-on attachment for injecting a signal where access to bare wires is not available
*Does not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment, such as in hospitals and data centers

*Includes R-2000 Receiver, S-2600-A Transmitter 9-300 V, T-2200 Transmitter for open tracing, A2201CE Clamp-on transmitter accessory, B2024 Rechargeable battery pack, B2025 Battery pack recharger, C2901 Cordset 110 volt plug to banana plugs, C2902 Cordset alligator clips to banana plugs, 9V battery, and user's manual

GroupCable Locators/Fault Finders/Height Meters
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Product model numberAT-2005
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