Dent Instruments CT-CON-0150EZ-U


Clamp-On Current Transformers are the one-handed operating solution for temporary energy audits or long-term energy studies.

The DENT 150A "EZ" Clamp is specifically designed to offer broad utility in a compact shape. These CTs deliver high-accuracy, high-sensitivity, versatility, and low phase shift. These qualities make these probes an excellent choice for use in a wide range of power measurement applications including load surveys and demand metering.

DENT's clamp-on CTs are shunted and, therefore, safe compared to other commercially available CTs. All DENT CTs produce 333mV at full scale. They are specifically designed for use with ELITEpro Series energy data loggers, but can be used with any meter which accepts a 333mV output CT. Specified accuracy is <1%.

All DENT CTs are sold individually (not in sets).

GroupPower Meters & Load Demand
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Product model numberCT-CON-0150EZ-U
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