FLIR CM78 True RMS Clamp Meter


The FLIR CM78 1000A True RMS Clamp Meter/Infrared Thermometer is an industrial grade clamp meter for the electrician who needs a safe, capable combination tool. The Flir CM78 is a feature-rich digital clamp meter specifically designed for technicians who need temperature measurement capabilities, which is especially useful when working on industrial equipment and complex machinery. Capable of taking accurate AC/DC measurements (up to 1000A or 1000V), the Flir CM-78 features a built-in infrared thermometer for quick hot spot scans and checks on panels, conduits, and motors, while the Type K thermocouple can capture location-specific temperature readings to verify that associated current/temperature specs are correct.

Product Features:
*Integrated IR Thermometer provides fast non-contact measurements on panels, conduits, and motors
*Powerful Worklights not only assist with clamping but are bright enough to serve as a primary worklight
*FLIR Tools Mobile connects the FLIR CM78 to your compatible smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth
*METERLiNK technology wirelessly integrates electrical readings on your infrared image with FLIR Thermal Cameras
*Voltage and Current
*Min, Max, Average
*Auto Power Off
*Data Hold
*Peak Hold
*Battery Status Indicator
*Bright White LED Backlight

GroupDigital Multimeters/Clamp Meters
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